What is Weed Shatter?

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What is Weed Shatter?

Many of us have heard of Weed Shatter but remain uncertain whether this is something we should try? Would you consider trying Weed Shatter? Let’s consider whether it’s safe and should form part of your Cannabis repertoire?

Weed shatter is a crystallized form of hashish that comes from the dried resin of the Cannabis plant.

Weed shatter is a form of marijuana concentrate made by heating dried plant material. The process includes grinding the plant material using a grinder and evaporating the liquid product to increase its potency. 

Why Is Weed Shatter Called Shatter?

Weed Shatter

“Shatter” comes from the Dutch “Schateren,” meaning hammering or breaking into pieces. In other words, shatter is a product you can produce by smashing Cannabis into tiny pieces using a hammer.

The term “shatter” describes the state of glass after it breaks.

“Shatter” also refers to the state of fusing between molecules in Cannabis; however, “shatter” is commonly used when referring to glass-like material produced from marijuana plants. 

Differences Between Weed Shatter and Weed Wax?

Differences Between Weed Shatter and Weed Wax?

Shatter, and wax are both extracts of the cannabis plant, but they have different textures and appearances. The main difference between weed wax and Shatter is their consistency – wax tends to be softer than shatter because it has more plant material.

Weed wax is a thick, opaque extract that is easy to handle with dab rig equipment. Shatter, on the other hand, is transparent and thin, making it difficult to manage with dabbing equipment.

Weed Shatter is a concentrated form of Cannabis that is created by extracting the THC with butane and then purging the residual butane. It’s a transparent substance that you can break into smaller pieces.

Weed Wax, on the other hand, is made from BHO (butane hash oil) that has been purged of residual solvents and left to cure. It’s opaque in appearance and much thicker than shatter.



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How Does Weed Shatter Look?

How Does Weed Shatter Look?

Shatter is usually transparent and is made by extracting cannabinoids from the plant material and then purifying it to create a rigid, amber-colored, translucent slab.

What Is The Consistency of Weed Shatter?

Shatter has a consistency that is similar to hard candy. Shatter refers to how the oil becomes brittle when cooled and shatters like glass.

How Are Weed Shatter Concentrates Made?

You make Weed Shatter Concentrates by extracting the THC and terpenes from the marijuana plant using a solvent like butane or CO2. The extracts are then purged or processed to remove residual solvents and evaporated to produce a solid concentrate.

Making weed shatter concentrates starts with the harvesting of cannabis plants. The plants are then dried, trimmed, and manicured to make them more suitable for extraction. The next step is extraction, where the cannabis material is processed with solvents like butane or CO2 to extract an oily resin called ‘shatter,’ which is rich in THC and terpenes.

You can use the extract as is or purify it through a process called Winterization.

In a nutshell, Winterization is the process of adding alcohol to one’s extract and removing non-psychoactive material such as waxes, fats, and chlorophyll.

The Medical Uses of Weed Shatter

Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments. However, it would help if you were extremely cautious with dosage as using Shatter is a much more potent form of Cannabis consumption. 

Start low and go slow in using Shatter to help with;

  1. Treating Glaucoma: Weed Shatter reduces intraocular pressure, the pressure in the eye that may damage the optic nerve.
  2. Treating Nausea and Vomiting: Weed Shatter contains high levels of THC, an anti-emetic agent (i.e., it helps reduce nausea.)
  3. Insomnia: Weed shatter can help people who have insomnia fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for more extended periods. High levels of THC, considered sedative, make it a better choice for patients.
  4. Pain Relief: Several studies have shown that weed shatter reduces inflammation and relieves pain for people who have arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  5. Appetite Stimulant: Smoking weed can increase appetite



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How to Use Weed Shatter – Dabbing?

How to Use Weed Shatter - Dabbing?

Dabbing weed shatter is the best way to enjoy its effects because it allows you to get high on a smaller amount of cannabis extract. 

Dabbing is the act of heating a concentrated dose of Cannabis extract, usually in the form of wax or shatter, and inhaling the vapor produced to experience a more intense high.

There are a variety of vaporizers available, but the most common ones are e-nails and dab rigs.

It’s essential to take time when dabbing weed Shatter, so you don’t overheat it or burn off all the active ingredients.



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How Much Weed Weed Shatter Should I Consume?

The amount of weed you should consume is a difficult question to answer. It depends on a few factors like your tolerance, the type of weed you are smoking, and if it’s your first time.

The best way to know how much weed to consume is by starting with a small amount and then gradually increasing the dosage. There will be a wide range of tolerance levels for each individual.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for how much weed to consume. But some general guidelines can help you figure out how much weed to smoke.

The effects of weed shatter depend on the amount consumed. The starting dose is 5 to 10 mg of THC to gauge the results.

The higher you go, the more intense it gets, creating an unpleasant experience for some people. Some people prefer a milder high and opt for a lower dosage to avoid feeling too high or stoned.

What Is The Best Way to Store Cannabis Shatter?

Parchment paper is the best way to store cannabis shatter.

It is the best way to store cannabis shatter because it does not stick to the parchment paper.

It is also a good idea to store it in an airtight container, like a jar or Tupperware. This way, your Cannabis shatter will remain fresh for longer, preventing it from becoming sticky and gooey.

Is Weed Shatter Dangerous?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the dangers of Shatter. One misconception is that it is more potent than other Cannabis concentrates. Shatter simply offers a higher concentration of THC than other concentrates.

Another misconception is that Shatter is more dangerous to consume because it can be heated up and smoked in a bong or pipe. However, this isn’t true either, as you can use any cannabis concentrate in these ways.

The truth about Shatter’s safety largely depends on the person using it and how they use it. Shatter should always be used with caution and should never be taken lightly by beginners or those with sensitive lungs.

The high concentration of THC in marijuana Shatter can make it more addictive than other forms of Cannabis. The high level of THC in marijuana shatter can also lead to a higher risk for adverse side effects like paranoia, anxiety, and even psychosis.

Scientific Papers What Is Weed Shatter?

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FAQ What Is Shatter?

Is Weed Shatter The Same As Dabs?

Dabs are a type of cannabis concentrate that you can use with a vaporizer or dab rig. They usually come in wax, shatter, amber, honeycomb, or budder and are created by extracting the oils from the cannabis plant and then heating them until they turn into a liquid form. A dab rig is a pipe designed for smoking concentrates such as dabs and shatter.

What Are The Benefits Of Weed Shatter?

One of the benefits of weed shatter is that it delivers a strong and almost instantaneous effect. When you take your first hit, you can immediately feel the effects.

It can be helpful if you’re looking for immediate relief or just want to get high as quickly as possible. Weed shatter also provides an intense experience because it contains higher concentrations of THC than other types of cannabis products.

The next benefit of Weed Shatter is its ease of use regarding dosage size and delivery system. Taking advantage of its small pieces, users can easily break them apart and measure out the effect they want. It also has an easy-to-use delivery system that makes it easier for users to control their dose sizes and enjoy the outcomes they desire from this.

Is Weed Shatter Legal?

The answer to this question varies from country to country. In some countries, it is legal to grow and consume cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. In other countries, it is illegal to have any form of cannabis in your possession.

In the United States, Weed Shatter is legal in states where marijuana is also permitted.

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