The Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed

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The Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed

The Healthiest way to smoke Weed is Dry Herb Vaporizing. You get the benefits of the Cannabinoids without inhaling Carbon residue into your lungs.

What Is the Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed?


Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed

Marijuana has been known for its health benefits for centuries; however, the associated respiratory complications need attention. This guide provides information on how to use Marijuana without putting your life at risk by getting high healthier – smoking Weed through ‘whole-herb’ vaporizers or using cannabis oil instead of smoking it.

Science of How Smoking Weed Affects Us

Why does smoking Weed affect us differently? 

It has to do with the chemical properties of cannabis. The psychoactive ingredient THC can easily bind to receptors in our brains, altering our perception of time and space.

However, other substances like Terpenes also impact the effects of Weed consumption. Terpenes are compounds found in plants that give plants their unique smell and taste. Some terpenes are relaxing while others are stimulating – but they all work together to produce that special feeling you get when you first take a hit of Marijuana.

Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids are combined to create the famous “Entourage Effect.” 

The Entourage Effect is the synergistic effect of various cannabinoids interacting together to produce a more substantial impact than any of them would do individually. 



The Amazing Cannabis Entourage Effect


The Benefits of Dry Herb Vaping

There are many benefits to dry herb cannabis vaping instead of smoking weed. Dry Herb Vaping makes it possible for users to get an intense high without the toxic effects of smoke and combustion and is the healthiest way to smoke Weed.

How Vaping vs Smoking Dry Herb Affects Your Lungs – You Must See This!

A dry herb vaporizer is a portable and discreet device that lets you inhale or ingest cannabis with less smell and more flavor than traditional smoking methods. 

The increase in flavor is made possible by heating herbs to a temperature below combustion, allowing the compounds contained within the plant material to evaporate without burning them.

You must adequately prepare your dry herb vaporizer before use, such as cleaning it regularly and filling it with clean air.

The Arizer Solo II, has been an unfailing loyal companion. This picture is after 4 years of heavy usage. I highly recommend it.


The Benefits of Dry Herb Vaping

Arizer Solo II | Our Most Powerful Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Many Ways to Consume Marijuana

Full-spectrum Oil and Tinctures

You can make a tincture by soaking cannabis flowers or leaves in alcohol or vegetable glycerin for a few days before decanting the liquid into an eyedropper bottle. 



How to Make a Weed Tincture 



Transdermal Patches And Topicals

Transdermal patches and topicals for Cannabis were first introduced to medical marijuana patients to deliver cannabinoids through the skin rather than through inhalation. 

Topicals such as lotions, salves, ointments, and balms apply cannabis directly on the skin without using smoke or vaporizing it.


Edibles, Drinks, And Capsules

Cannabis edibles range from simple “Stem Tea” to capsules containing specific and powerful Cannabinoid combinations. 

Cannabis edibles, drinks, and capsules help consumers avoid the risk of overdose or side effects associated with smoking marijuana. 

Cannabis Brownies remain one of the most popular edibles. Our foolproof (often used) delicious recipe is available here;



How to Make Delicious Cannabis Stem Tea




Double Chocolate Weed Brownies Recipe



Vaping And E-nails

Cannabis vaping and e-nails use vaporizers that convert cannabis into an inhalable vapor that you can inhale through an atomizer device. 

The process involves heating cannabis using battery/electric power, butane or propane, and releasing Terpenes and Cannabinoids.



Smoking is still the most popular way of consuming cannabis. Smoking uses dry herbs in a pipe, bong, joint, or cigar. The smoke inhaled in this process is absorbed through the lungs and provides instant effects. The combustion created in the burning process means that this “old” way of smoking is not the healthiest way to smoke Weed. 



15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed



Dabbing is an act in which cannabis concentrate is vaporized on a hot surface (usually metal) or inhaled through a heated handheld device called a “Dab Rig.” The metal coil is heated using butane torches or electricity, resulting in THC and other cannabinoids vaporizing.



Cannabis Concentrates 101


Going Natural is The Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed


Going Natural is The Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed

One of the ways to be healthy while smoking weed is to go pure and natural. The benefits of “going natural” are numerous. 

The health risks associated with smoking weed are much lower, primarily if you use a vaporizer to avoid combustion.


Growing WEED Yourself Controls Quality


Growing WEED yourself Controls Quality

One of the benefits of growing Weed yourself is that it allows you to control the quality and risks involved. For example, if you grow your Weed outdoors, you can avoid pesticides and non-organic fertilizers, which you may find in commercial products.

Kyle Kushman's Cultivation Crash Coursei0oyfvkm?a aid=WEEDsenior&a bid=a8dbb0cb


Source Pesticide-Free Cannabis

Using organic and pesticide-free Weed reduces your chances of getting cancer, lung disease, or any other sort of illness that could result from smoking pesticides.

Research has found that marijuana users who consume pesticide-free cannabis have a lower risk of heart disease and cancer.


Organic is Always Better

Organic Marijuana is Weed that is grown in the natural environment without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The organic farming methods can make organic Cannabis cost substantially more than regular Weed, but you are worth it!


Fewer Additives Equals Safer Smoke

Health experts have said that the best way to smoke Weed is to go “natural.” There are fewer additives in natural Weed, which means there is less chance your smoke could cause any harm.

Additives in other smokes are linked to health concerns such as heart attacks, lung cancer, and brain damage. In comparison, “going natural” means smoking without all the artificial ingredients.

Can Marijuana Help You Quit Tobacco Smoking?


Can Marijuana Help You Quit Smoking?

Tobacco Smokers have used Weed to quit tobacco smoking since the 1960s. However, it doesn’t help everyone quit their habit nor reduce the withdrawal symptoms caused by nicotine withdrawal.

You might want to try other methods such as the patch or gum before trying Marijuana to see if it helps you quit smoking.

Ways to Smoke Weed

There are many ways to smoke Weed, with some being healthier than others. You can smoke Weed in various methods, including rolling it into joints or blunts, vaporizing it, or smoking it in a pipe or bong.

You can also use a dab rig with concentrates and oils that you heat and inhale through a tube.

These and other methods include;



15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed



Health Risks of Smoking Weed

Weed consumers can experience mild forms of “Greening-out.” Greening out does not typically last long, and you can often remedy it with some simple precautions. 

Marijuana use does have risks, and I recommend you refer any persistent medical issues to a medical professional.  

The adverse effects of smoking weed on the body may include:

  • Severe respiratory disease

  • Nausea

  • Heart arrhythmia

  • Pneumonia



Greening Out Weed Overdose – Safe Solutions



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