How to WEED

The increased demand for weed has given rise to a widening market of cannabis-related products. There are now more ways to consume cannabis, from smoking it to vaping, dabbing it, and even eating edibles.
There are various ways to consume cannabis depending on your preference, but some general guidelines for consumption apply.
  • Start small – Start with a few puffs or a nibble on a brownie or some hash cake
  • Indulge in the high – Take the edge off from electronics and get lost in your mind by getting high with cannabis
  • Share with friends – There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing your weed experience with friends
One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis is via smoking it. People who are new to consuming marijuana often find it hard to control their dosage, resulting in getting too high or too low. To avoid this, try using a vaporizer which will give you more control over your intake.
With its analgesic qualities, marijuana can provide relief from pain and nausea. For people who cannot smoke marijuana, other consumption methods can still produce similar effects, so it is becoming more popular as a beverage and food additive.

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