How to Sober Up from Weed – 12 Actionable Tips

How to sober up from weed

Learning how to sober up from Weed is important as you journey through the world of Cannabis. Many an older and experienced stoner would begin by asking the obvious question, Why? You smoked or ingested Cannabis to get high, so why worry? 

New users could initially be overwhelmed by unfamiliar feelings, which may require management or mitigation measures. It is also possible that, with the increase in strength of certain Cannabis products, even the experienced user may want or need to decrease the effects of the increasingly high cannabinoid quantities.  

How to sober up from weed - 12 Actionable Tips


How Long Does a Weed High Last?


The short answer is 1-6 hours. However, this can be longer and is influenced by personal metabolism, method of consumption, strain, cannabinoid type, and quantity.  


Adverse effects of ‘too much’ Cannabis


How to sober up from weed_Paranoid


Weed And Anxiety


Cannabis is frequently sought out to help with anxiety. However, there is anecdotal and increasing evidence suggesting a relationship between higher THC levels and the possibility of increased stress. This is often reported in less experienced users, pointing to the idea that a ‘loss of control’ may increase anxiety until one becomes familiar with the feeling. 


Weed And Impaired Judgment


Cannabinoids that have a psychoactive effect (THC, THCV) can result in a change in your mental judgment (this may not always be a bad thing) and physical assessment (altering the sense of space). It is advisable to refrain from operating any heavy or dangerous machinery while high. You should also put off any major decisions (or at least reconsider them) until you have come down from any Cannabis high. 


Weed And Paranoia


Paranoia is closely related to anxiety and is exacerbated by being ‘out of control.’ I wonder if the level of Paranoia has lessened somewhat with the ongoing legalization of Cannabis? Perhaps if you are not constantly told that what you are doing is ‘wrong’ and ‘illegal,’ the level of internal anxiety brought on by a fear of being found out (Paranoia) is lessened. 


Weed and Panic


When a feeling of being out of control intensifies, this can lead to a form of Panic. Anecdotally, this is mainly reported when Cannabis is consumed in conjunction with other substances, notably Alcohol. The resultant ‘green fever’ can be overwhelming for both the new and more experienced user. This feeling may lead to mild panic if one is unfamiliar with it. 


How Long Does It Take to Sober Up From Weed?


Different Cannabis Strains Different Strengths


Cannabis strains are composed of a different combination of Cannabinoids and Terpenes—both in absolute quantity and ratio. In most strains, the Cannabinoid inducing the high is THC. Other psychoactive Cannabinoids such as THVC may also be present, but these are most often found in much smaller quantities. As a rule of thumb, the higher the THC percentage, the stronger and longer the high.


Mode of ingestion


Smoking or Vaporizing

Smoking or Vaporizing is a preferred method of Cannabis consumption because THC is detectable in plasma after only a few seconds and peaks after 3–10 min. 



THC is absorbed more slowly and unpredictably and is influenced by passing through the stomach and liver. The most felt effects and concentration levels are at their peak, between 1 and 3 hours post-ingestion. Many adverse reactions are due to people not fully appreciating the time it takes for the effect of edibles to ‘kick in’ and therefore consuming far too much product.  



Tinctures (Cannabis oil prepared in an alcohol base)can be very fast-acting as they are applied sublingually (under the tongue). This method is extremely efficient (compared with ingestion), and effects are felt and peak within 10-15 minutes.  



Dabs and concentrates are NOT ADVISED for beginners. Even if you are experienced with Smoking flowers and eating cookies, the new world of Dabs and Concentrates may be intense. The effects peak around 3 – 10 minutes (similar to smoking) but can be much more intense due to the relative THC levels. 


Experience level

Cannabis has a decreased effect in more regular uses. Once satiated over time, the body will produce fewer CB1 receptors. A period of abstinence can reverse this and is often recommended for those who would like to feel those ‘old highs once again. 



Your weight and body fat percentage will influence your base metabolic rate. Cannabis directly affects metabolism through its ability to influence blood insulin spikes. 


Co-consumption of other intoxicants, e.g., Alcohol

In a word…DON’T…Green fever alert! This is something that many young students learn, having had one too many beers and then smoking some Weed. While a single glass of wine may not have much influence, overindulging in a combination of Cannabis and alcohol can leave you disoriented, nauseous, and even cause vomiting. 


How to Avoid the Adverse Reactions of Consuming too much Cannabis (Greening Out)

As the old saying goes.“Prevention is better than cure.” 

Greening Out Weed Overdose Safe Solutions

Stick To The Same Variety & Strain


You build up a tolerance to almost anything over time, and Cannabis is no exception. Sticking to one or two preferred strains can allow you to build resistance and thus minimize the effects. The opposite also applies, and more seasoned smokers are advised to change up their strains and experiment semi-frequently. 


Know your limit


The lungs, and their ability to inhale smoke, are generally a limiting factor to overdoing it. However, the same does not apply to edibles. Do not fall into the old trap of assuming an edible is not working and then indulging in a lot more to speed it along. Edibles take time to kick in and can last much longer than smoking. 


Keep a suggested remedy handy


Many of the quick remedies are items available in the home. It is a good idea to get high in familiar surroundings and perhaps ensure that you have a few oranges and some peppercorns handy. 


How to Make Your Recovery Time More Pleasant and Perhaps Shorter


Black Peppercorns

How to sober up from weed_peppercorns



How to sober up from weed_pine-nuts

  • Eat Pine nuts – perhaps some Basil Pesto with Penne?

  • Contains pinene and limonene, both of which help with calming


Orange or Lemon Zest

How to sober up from weed_Orange_zest

  • Eat some with a slice of orange

  • Squeeze the skin and simply smell it for an aromatherapeutic limonene response

  • A simple glass of fresh OJ may also help you sober up from Weed


Distract yourself

A high can increase in intensity if it’s your only focus. Focusing on other pleasable tasks will distract your mind from any anxiety regarding your Cannabis consumption and make the activities themselves more pleasurable.

  • Listen to music, play card/board games.

  • Watch a movie

  • Talk with a good friend

  • Play a musical instrument


Don’t Panic

In the words of King Solomon;

“This too shall pass”

Cannabis, when taken alone, is highly safe and is easily absorbed into, and expelled from, the body. What you feel will pass, and you can constantly adjust to a strain and method until you find your happy place.  





Remember That This Feeling is Temporary



  • Any physical activity that increases Endorphins will lessen any ‘too-high’ feeling and help you sober up from Weed

  • Go for a walk



Mangoes are anecdotally credited with increasing the effects of THC. The thought is that the Myrcene Terpene in Mango enhances the impact of Myrcene in the Cannabis plant. This may well be true, but the quantities in Mango are so negligible that you can find almost no ‘evidence’ of effect.



Try not to do this. Ibuprofen is not suitable for high blood pressure. That being said, Ibuprofen has been scientifically shown to decrease the effects of THC, and anecdotally, many people report similar. 


Keep yourself hydrated

Always good advice, but particularly helpful in staving off the ‘dry-mouth effect prevalent in many Cannabis strains. The Chinese medical principles advocate the drinking of warm water.

  • Warm water with lemon 


Sleep It Off

Sleep is the great healer. A good night’s rest and the ‘too high feeling of the previous night (or morning) will be a pleasant (if slightly wooly) memory. Having a siesta can also be a great way to sober up from Weed. 


Take A Cold Shower

How to sober up from weed_cold_shower

Taking a cold shower causes your blood to flow to your extremities. This causes blood in your deeper tissues to circulate more rapidly to maintain internal body temperature. 


Avoid Consuming Marijuana on an Empty Stomach

An empty stomach should theoretically make little difference if you smoke Cannabis, as the absorption is through the lungs. However, many smokers’ reports can leave you feeling a little nauseous, and certain strains will bring on the hunger pangs a lot quicker. 

Consuming edibles on an empty stomach will not necessarily increase the extent of the high but will delay its onset (adding around 30-60 minutes).


Counteract with CBD

CBD has a balancing effect on the psychoactivity of THC. A few drops of pure CBD oil can mitigate the impact of Stains that are exceptionally high in THC. 


Maybe Skip Edibles 

Edibles can be tricky at first, even, and perhaps particularly, for seasoned smokers. These are not always the brownies of old, made with leftover Weed, mild and relaxing. Today’s edibles can be extremely strong. Check the packaging carefully and only buy from highly reputable sources. 


Things To Avoid When High



Almost every story involving ‘green-fever’ (nausea and vomiting attributed to Cannabis) involves alcohol. They simply do not mix well, and you should tread exceptionally carefully should you wish to combine the two. One glass of wine should be okay, but anything more, and you’re into the wobbly territory. 


Driving and Operating heavy machinery

If you are feeling intoxicated, wait it out—no need to put yourself or others in harm’s way. 


Tricky kitchen implements and sharp knives

Please, please don’t cut yourself. It is easy enough when sober, and happens to many of the best chefs, so work very slowly and methodically in the kitchen when stoned. 


Stoned texting

Oh well…if you really have to…just don’t say we didn’t warn you.  You should give it a few hours to sober up from Weed before texting. 


Step-By-Step Dosage Programs


To best avoid the effects of an initial ‘too-high dose of THC, I highly recommend going through a sensitization program.’s good and kind folk at have a fantastic, comprehensive, and free dosage program. Dosage Program


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