Edibles Dosage Calculator

Our Edibles Dosage Calculator makes it easy to find the perfect dosage for your next cannabis adventure.

The WEEDsenior Edibles Dosage Calculator has made it easy to find the perfect dosage for your next cannabis adventure.

Edible Dosage Calculator Page

Whether you’re looking to stay in control and know precisely how much THC is going into your body or if you’re looking to get high as a kite with no worries, this calculator has got you covered.

How to Start with Edibles

Edibles can be a powerful and enjoyable way to consume cannabis, but they’re not for everyone. Start with a small amount, and wait an hour or two before eating more. Taking it very slowly will help you avoid going over your desired dose and feeling sick.

  • Start small
  • Wait an hour or two before eating more
  • Eat it on an empty stomach
  • Avoid mixing edibles with alcohol or other drugs

Your Ideal Edibles Dosage

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to finding the perfect edibles dosage, but there are a few guidelines that might help you.

The Edible Dosing Chart

This easy-to-use chart will help you determine how many milligrams of THC or CBD to use in your next recipe.

Beginners / Microdose

  • 1mg-2.5mg THC
  • Mild symptomatic relief
  • Mild Euphoria
  • Increased Creativity

Recreational / Insomnia

  • 2.5-15 mg THC
  • Moderate symptomatic relief
  • Moderate Euphoria
  • Impaired Cognition
  • Impaired Coordination

Experienced / High Tolerance / Moderated Medical

  • 30-50 mg THC
  • High symptomatic relief
  • Intensified Euphoria
  • High Impaired Cognition
  • High Impaired Coordination

Very Experienced / Severe Medical

  • 50-100 mg THC
  • Very High Impaired Cognition
  • Very High Impaired Coordination
  • Risk of Side Effects, including Nausea

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