Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Bong

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Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Bong

Which is better: dry herb vaporizer vs bong? In short, there is no clear winner in this debate. Both devices have their benefits and disadvantages.

Bongs are generally used for smoking cannabis, whereas a dry herb vaporizer is more versatile. You can use them for other herbs as well as flowers and concentrates.

Bongs are often recreational apparatuses due to their water filtration and cooling properties. However, vaporizers have a higher draw-freshness ratio, ideal for vaping recreational and medical dry herb materials.

Differences Between Smoking & Vaping Marijuana


Vaporizer vs Bong

Smoking is the act of burning plant material and inhaling the smoke. Vaping is the act of vaporizing plant material with an electronic device. 

There is no secondhand smoke when you vape. With vaping, you can get high without worrying about other people breathing in your smoke and inhaling any carcinogens.

Secondhand smoke is one of the leading causes of death in people exposed regularly.



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What’s The Difference Between Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Bong?


You would use a water pipe to smoke dry herbs such as marijuana. In contrast, a dry herb vaporizer creates vapor from dry herbs. 

The difference between the two devices is that dry herb vaporizers heat the cannabis plant instead of burning it, creating an inhalable vapor rather than smoke.

Is It Healthier To Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Bong?


The health benefits of vaporization are on the rise, and research has shown that it is better for your lungs and safer than smoking.

The dry herb vaporizer uses heat to vaporize the plant material without combustion. You inhale cannabis extract without any smoke or tar. 

Some of the health benefits of this method include;


  • an increase in pulmonary function

  • decreased risk of respiratory disease

  • chronic bronchitis relief.



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How Do Bongs Work?


How Do Bongs Work?

Bongs are water pipes that are used to smoke cannabis. They are also called “water pipes” or “bubbler pipes.” The water in the bong cools down the smoke before it reaches the lungs of the person smoking, making it easier on their lungs and throat.

Bongs have a bowl at the top where you put your weed and then light it with a lighter or match. The smoke travels through a stem before going into a chamber of water at the bong’s base, where bubbles cool it down from air being forced into it from an open valve. 

The smoke is pulled up and out through an opening at the top of the bong, into your or someone else’s mouth, if you share it with them.



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Advantages Of Bongs


Advantages Of Bongs

Bongs are an essential piece of cannabis paraphernalia. The water pipe is used for smoking cannabis, mainly by smokers who use the bong to filter the smoke through water to cool it down.


  • Bongs may help you avoid some inhalation of marijuana tars and chlorophylls.

  • Bongs provide a cleaner taste than other pipes or smoking devices because they filter out most particles before reaching your mouth.

  • Bongs are cheaper than Vaporizers.


Some people also enjoy the aesthetic value of owning a bong. How it looks can feed into someone’s creativity and make it easier to express themselves through art. It has an almost vintage feel which can be hard to replicate with other objects.

Disadvantages Of Smoking Bongs


  • Respiratory diseases are due to risk factors like secondhand smoke or chemicals polluting your body and airway.

  • Bongs can be challenging to clean.

  • Bongs are also prone to breakage.

  • The user has to do more work to use them effectively.

How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?


A dry herb vaporizer allows you to smoke or vape your dry herbs without any combustion. The dry herb vaporizer heats air drawn over your herbs, creating an aerosol the user inhales.

Two Main Types of Vaporizers For Dry Herb & E-Liquid


Two Main Types of Vaporizers For Dry Herb & E-Liquid

Portable herbal vaporizers are electronic products designed for dry herbs.

There are two types of dry herb vaporizers. Convection vaporizers heat the dry herb inside the chamber with hot air. In contrast, conduction vaporizers use direct contact between the heating element and dry herbs.

In contrast, e-liquid vaporizers are geared towards liquid nicotine or vaping solutions.

Advantages Of Dry Herb Vaporizers


Vaporizing your dry herbs is a quick and efficient way to consume them as it preserves the herb’s flavor. People consider Dry Herb Vaporization a healthier alternative to smoking because it doesn’t involve combustion.


  • A Dry Herb Vaporizer delivers better taste.

  • A Dry Herb Vaporizer provides the active ingredients

  • A Dry Herb Vaporizer is healthier

  • A Dry Herb Vaporizer offers fewer carcinogens

  • Dry Herb Vaporizer has less odor

Vaporizers Use Less Weed


Dry Herb Vaporizers use much less weed than other types of smoking tools. It takes a much smaller amount to get high, which means it is better for your budget, and you can save money by not buying as much weed.

Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking


An added health benefit is easily one of the most significant benefits of these devices. Cannabis vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking. They typically use fewer or no additives to produce the desired effects.

No combustion, no hot temperature

In short, vaporizers show promise for cannabis users who want to avoid pulmonary problems and prefer a more rapid onset than edibles provide.

Vapour Tastes Better


Vapour tastes way better with dry herb vaporizers. No chemicals or combustion are involved in vaping dry herbs, and you will experience a more pure and natural flavor.

Vaporizers Are Portable


Vaporizers are portable

Vaporizers are small and compact, making them easy to carry around and use in different locations.

Vaporizers Do Not Smell As Much As Bongs

It’s easier to conceal a dry herb vaporizer from others because they don’t have any smell or visible smoke coming from them when in use. You can vape almost anywhere at any time.



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Disadvantages Of Dry Herb Vaporizers


The most significant disadvantage dry herb vaporizers have is their high cost.

The vaporizers may not heat the herbs evenly, which leads to a burnt taste and a harsh hit.

Portable vaporizers may not be as efficient as desktop models.

What Makes A Great Marijuana Vaporizer?


The best marijuana vaporizers can be very expensive and vary in features and performance. However, it is essential to understand what makes an excellent vape to pick the best one for you.

Three main things make an excellent marijuana vaporizer: the heating element, the chamber, and the quality of the materials used in production.

An excellent marijuana vaporizer has many features that make it stand out from other models on the market. The most crucial part is maintaining a consistent temperature, which allows for even heating and better extraction of cannabinoids. 

A great model also has multiple modes of operation, such as pre-heat, auto-shutoff, or low power. It also requires minimal maintenance and can last long with proper care and use.

How to Choose Which Type of Vaporizer is Best For You?


Ensuring you buy the suitable device will help you reap benefits worth your time and money. There are three types: Portable Vape, Pens, and Desktop Vapes. The kind that works best for you will depend on your lifestyle and whether you want to be discreet or not. 

A portable vaporizer is the best option if you’re looking for a vape pen that can fit your pocket when going out.

Desktop vaporizers can be much bigger than popular pens. Still, they offer more flexibility in temperature settings and the amount of airflow they can provide.

When deciding which device is better, it is essential to consider your tastes and preferences.


  • Use Case: What do you want out of your vape? 

  • Do you want portability? 

  • Do you want the best quality flavor? 

  • Do you prefer a vape pen or something more extensive like an oven?

  • Battery life

  • Size

  • Price point

  • Warranty period

  • How long does it take to charge


After many years of experimentation, I can wholeheartedly recommend the ARIZER solo 2.  Not only has the device been extremely reliable, but the service from Arizer has always been outstanding. Check it out here:


ARIZER solo 2

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Effects of Dry Herb Vaping Vaping On Lungs


With the popularity of cannabis vaping, we also see a rise in the number of people who vape and its associated health consequences.

  • Vaping cannabis can cause coughing.

  • It can irritate your throat and vocal cords (causing more coughing).

  • Vaping causes inflammation in both the lung tissue and airways.

Popcorn Lung Injuries


Popcorn lung concerns are predominantly a result of E-cigarettes and E-liquid style Vapes.

Popcorn lung injuries are a lung disease resulting in a loss of elasticity in the air sacs, leading to chronic respiratory problems.

Popcorn lung is another name for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome, a rare type of lung disease that may be caused by smoking. 

Cannabis E-vaping can affect your lungs, causing them to become inflamed and causing lung problems like bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (Popcorn Lung). This condition can lead to serious health complications.

Scientific Papers Dry Herb Vape vs Bongs


A Qualitative Analysis of Cannabis Vaporization among Medical Users – PMC

No smoke, no fire: What the initial literature suggests regarding vapourized cannabis and respiratory risk

Drug vaping applied to cannabis: Is “Cannavaping” a therapeutic alternative to marijuana? – PMC

Bronchiolitis Obliterans – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf

FAQ Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Bongs


Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Smell?

Dry herb vaporizers have very little smell. They are also much more discreet than smoking.

The dry herb vaporizer has a very little smell because it does not burn the herbs like cigarettes or joints. The herbs will not emit smoke but release their active compounds through steam and air.

The dry herb vaporizer is also much more discreet than smoking because you can use it indoors, and the smell is less detectable.

Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Damage Lungs?

Vaporizers are not as bad for your lungs as other forms of inhaling and smoking. The vaporizer is a device that heats dry herbs to generate vapor.

This heating method is different from smoking, which burns the herb. The vaporizer doesn’t burn the herb, so it doesn’t release carbon, toxins, or carcinogens that are harmful to the lungs.

Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Produce Visible Vapor?

Dry herb vaporizers do produce visible vapor.
The dry herb you use, the temperature you set on your device, and the humidity in your room all impact how you will produce much visible vapor. For example, if you are using a more potent strain of marijuana and you set your vape to a high-temperature setting, more visible vapor will be produced than if you were using a lower potency strain at a lower temperature.

Can You Dry Herb Vape Tobacco?

Yes, you can dry herb vape tobacco and other herbs. But, you must know what herb you are vaping to find a vape pen or vaporizer that will work for your needs.

Dry herb vaping is a popular alternative to smoking for many people. It is a healthier alternative to smoking that does not release harmful substances into the air. It also provides more flavor than other types of vaping, such as e-juice or liquid concentrates.

Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer Better For You?

Yes, vaporizers are better for you than any other form of smoking because they do not have any toxic chemicals like tar and carcinogens. They also give off a smaller amount of smoke, which is why they are better for your lungs. The only downside to vaporizing is that it can be more expensive than other smoking methods.

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