Does Coughing Make You Higher? The Happy Truth!

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Does coughing make you higher? We always said “If it doesn’t make you cough, it’s not strong Weed.” But, is this true?

It’s possible that coughing can make you feel higher. However, this is not a result of having inhaled Cannabis. Studies have shown that the more violent the cough, the higher your brain will spike in activity, likely producing feelings of euphoria.

Cannabis Myth or Does Coughing Make You Higher?

Coughing does not get you higher. Coughing is a reflex to clear phlegm from the lungs and throat. It’s also an attempt to remove the irritant causing it, such as smoke or dust.

Why Does Smoking Marijuana Make Us Cough?


Does coughing make you higher

Coughing results from irritation in the respiratory tract and is a sign of bronchoconstriction.

Cannabis smoking can lead to dry, rough, or deep coughs. These are all signs of bronchoconstriction, but not all bronchoconstriction is linked to smoking Cannabis.

The effects of Cannabis on coughing are not fully understood yet, but some studies have shown that cannabinoids help with chronic coughs.

We should be aware that coughing after smoking Marijuana is a sign that our respiratory system has been irritated and needs time to recover.


The Science Behind The Cough


Coughing is a normal protective reflex that removes irritants or foreign particles from the respiratory tract. Smoking Marijuana can cause coughing due to the irritation of the airways caused by this substance.

Inhaling Cannabis can often lead to coughing because Marijuana smoke irritates your throat, mouth, and lungs. The THC in Cannabis also acts as a bronchodilator, which loosens airways and makes it easier for you to cough anything that may irritate your airways. Coughing is your body’s way of getting rid of an irritating substance.

This reflex is stimulated by irritation in the throat or lungs, which may come from an infection, injury, inhalation of smoke or dust, allergies, foreign body in the airway, or other causes. The respiratory tract reacts by sending signals to the brain and spinal cord, resulting in a “coughing fit” to remove irritants from the airways.

Cannabis smokers generally inhale more deeply and hold their breath for longer than cigarette smokers.

How Can You Avoid Coughing When You Smoke Weed?


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It’s not that easy to avoid coughing when you smoke Weed. The THC in Marijuana is absorbed into the bloodstream by passing through the lungs.

Coughing can be a good thing if it helps you get out all of the smoke and tar from deep in your lungs, but it can also mean there is too much smoke in your lungs.

There are a few things you can do to avoid coughing when you smoke Weed:

  • Make sure that your Cannabis is as fresh as possible 
  • Smoke slower
  • Take smaller puffs
  • Take bigger breaths between puffs

Inhaling Cannabis with a dry mouth can lead to coughing from irritation. If you wish to prevent coughing from inhaling Cannabis smoke or vapor, be sure to hydrate your mouth first with a drink of water.
Other options include:

  • Taking Smaller Hits or Deep Breaths

  • Don’t Smoke it, Eat it

  • Keep Liquid Close By

  • Add Percolator or Diffuser to Your Bong

You can add a percolator at the base of your bong to filter the smoke before reaching your mouth and lungs. It does this by introducing water passing through the pipe, breaking up, and slowing down the smoke particles, resulting in a smoother hit.

A filter reduces the coughing sensation that can sometimes come from smoking Cannabis because particulate matter enters your lungs at once.



Can Weed go Bad? – Helpful Tips


10 Natural Remedies If Weed Makes You Cough

There are times when coughing is unavoidable, especially when taking a long, deep hit of weed.  

Here are some natural coughing remedies we recommend when a coughing fit strikes.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids to help thin out mucus
  2. Add honey to herbal tea or hot water with freshly squeed lemon.
  3. Use vapor rub on your chest, neck, and back
  4. Gargle with saltwater
  5. Drink hot peppermint tea or inhale peppermint vapor
  6. Incorporate ginger into your diet. We love adding fresh ginger slices to herbal tea
  7. Use a humidifier
  8. Take vitamin C supplements
  9. Add turmeric to your diet. We suggest making smoothing golden milk
  10. Keep your throat moist by sucking on a cough drop

How Your Body Coughs Could Make You Feel Higher?


Does coughing make you higher2

It is common for us to cough more often than we think because we want to clear our throat or remove something from our airways. However, research has found that coughing can give the impression of being high.

Coughing is a highly complex activity with involuntary reflexes and voluntary control. The automatic reflex kicks in when your body detects an irritation in the airways. The voluntary control allows you to choose whether or not you want to cough. Coughing also causes a rush of endorphins, creating a feeling of happiness and euphoria, similar to what Marijuana does.

To feel euphoric, you have to release enough endorphins into your body that it produces a feeling of being high. Coughing releases endorphin-like substances called “dynorphins” that make this effect by binding to opioid receptors in the brain.

Scientific Papers: Does Coughing Make You Higher


Coughs and Sneezes: Their Role in Transmission of Respiratory Viral Infections, Including SARS-CoV-2

Respiratory Disease – The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

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FAQ Does Coughing Make You Higher? The Happy Truth!


Does It Matter How Long You Hold In Smoke?

Many myths about weed and smoking may seem to be accurate, but in reality, they are not. One of the most popular myths is that holding in smoke for a long time can make you higher. It does not matter how long you hold in smoke because it will not increase your high.

Inhaling deeply can adversely affect your lungs and throat, so taking smaller puffs and exhaling after each one is important. Holding in the smoke for too long can cause coughing or even lead to bronchitis.

Can Bongs Increase Lung Capacity?

No, bongs cannot increase lung capacity. Bongs are not designed to be used as a tool for breathing exercises. They are primarily used as a smoking device.

Does Holding In Vapor Get You Higher?

Holding a hit for a long time does not make you higher. The cannabinoids and other active ingredients are absorbed in seconds. If you take a deep inhale rather than holding the hit, you will experience more effects.

Holding your breath may cause an added high due to oxygen deprivation, but this is not recommended.

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