15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed

15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed

There are numerous ways to smoke Weed. Some forms require specialized equipment, while you can accomplish others with household items. The traditional way is to use paper and a lighter. This method is the least expensive, but it does have health disadvantages.

Dad Joke; “What do you call a potato that smokes weed? 

A baked potato.”

Ways to Smoke Weed

Another popular way is to use a pipe or bong. These are more expensive than joints or blunts, but they deliver smoother hits and allow for larger quantities of Marijuana per session.

Vaporizers are also gaining popularity as they are hands-down the cleanest option available today. They provide an inhalable vapor with no smoke or tar that can irritate the lungs and pollute nearby air.

Smoking Cannabis using a vaporizer or water pipe is healthier than smoking it with tobacco because it doesn’t produce any harmful chemicals. But vaporizers can be expensive, so this may not be an option for everyone.



The Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed



The Water Pipe Ways to Smoke Weed

Water pipes are one of the standard methods to smoke Weed. People usually use these pipes to cool down the smoke before inhaling it. Water Pipes tend to have multiple chambers as opposed to bongs which are a much simpler design.

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Dry Herb Vaporizing

Vaporizing is the process of heating Marijuana, hash oil, hashish, wax, or any other extractions of Cannabis so that it turns into a vapor instead of smoke. The vapor will contain both the active ingredients and cannabinoids and many plant waxes and terpenes, which provide flavor and fragrance.

With all the controversy over vaping, it is essential to note the difference between Dry Herb Vaporizing and the Vaping of Oils. 

Dry Herb Vaporizing is literally putting ground dry Cannabis buds into a device that heats them to release “steam” vapor (think Eucalyptus Oil in a sauna).

On the other hand, Vaping of Oils uses a device to heat oils that may or may not contain additives and contaminants. Please be careful when choosing a supplier and always scrutinize the ingredients when purchasing these products.  

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You make a Blunt by using a cigar’s outer casing and stuffing it with ground Cannabis.

15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed_Blunt


The One-Hitter Ways to Smoke Weed

One-Hitter is a Weed smoking device that allows users to smoke Weed with only one hit. It is a great device to help you make your Weed last longer.

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Rastafarians commonly use the Chalice as part of their spiritual rituals. 

A chalice is a multi-chamber glass or ceramic pipe, often with a flared mouthpiece. Some types of Chalice also come with a percolator or diffuser bowl, which adds extra diffusion to the smoke.

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The Packed Bowl Ways to Smoke Weed

A Packed Bowl means that you pack Marijuana into a glass or metal cylinder, which you will heat with a lighter to combust and vaporize the cannabinoids in the Cannabis flower.

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The Wooden Pipe Ways to Smoke Weed

Wooden pipes have been a staple of the cannabis culture for decades. They are a classic, natural option often preferred by those who want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking paper.

They are a traditional way of smoking, and they are often made from wood, bamboo, or meerschaum. The pipe has a bowl and a mouthpiece at one end and is typically fitted with a screen to filter the smoke.

Wooden Pipe



“Hookah” is derived from the Persian word for water pipe and dates back to the 15th century. It is a traditional water-piped device used for smoking tobacco or Marijuana.

15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed_Hookah



Dabbing is consuming Cannabis by inhaling a concentrated form of Cannabis on a hot surface.

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Bongs are a type of water pipe used to smoke Cannabis. They are usually made from glass and have a stem and bowl attached to the main body. The stem is generally placed in the smoker’s mouth while they inhale from the mouthpiece at the top of the bong.

Bongs can be made from many different materials – including wood, plastic, or metal. The most popular material for bongs is glass because it has a low melting point and is easy to work with. 

15 Ways to Smoke Weed_bong



The G-Pen is ideal for someone who wants to stay discreet while they smoke Cannabis by using the pen attachment. The pen is slim, lightweight, and it produces just enough vapor to feel satisfied without being too strong for someone who isn’t used to smoking Weed.

Check all ingredients carefully, as some of these products may contain additional harmful additives and solvents. 

15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed_G-Pen

Rule of Thumb; Avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce.



One of the most popular ways to consume Cannabis is by smoking a joint. The #1 thing about joints is that it’s convenient, easy, and less expensive because you don’t need anything else but Weed. You can also make your joints at home using rolling papers or hemp wraps made from organic materials like “hemp paper” or “hemp cloth.”

15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed_joint


Soda Can

Filling a soda can with water and drilling a hole in one end of it before putting it on top of a piece of foil with Marijuana inside.

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Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a type of smoking device that uses the force of gravity to create suction that pulls the smoke into the water and pushes smoke into the lungs.

Gravity Bongs work by using the force of water to pull smoke from the bowl down into the water; it will be filtered out and cooled before being drawn through the mouthpiece and into the smoker’s lungs.

A gravity bong consists of a container, typically a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, and a bowl piece, generally made from aluminum foil. The container is filled with water, and then the bowl is lit on fire. When enough smoke has been drawn into the chamber, an individual will cover the top of the bottle to trap it there. The smoker will then remove their finger from the hole to allow air pressure to push down on the lit material to cause suction, which will pull smoke into their lungs.

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The Bubbler Ways to Smoke Weed

A bubbler is a water pipe made out of glass or acrylic. It has a chamber at the bottom where you place your herb to smoke it.

Bubblers work similarly but are more petite than bongs. They are easy to hold and transport but deliver a much smaller quantity of smoke than bongs. 

15 Wonderful Ways to Smoke Weed_bubbler

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